London is the Greatest Tech Hub in the World. It’s Time to Make Your Move.

The UK’s fintech industry attracted over $16bn investment in the first half of 2018, more than any other country.


Today, half of the world’s financial firms have based their European headquarters in London.

European Parliament

Over two thirds of Fintechs cited attracting qualified talent or building partnerships with established players as the biggest challenges for future expansion.

EY Fintech Census 2017

What is your go to market strategy?

The Radi8 Offering.

Hone Your Plan

Your plans for international expansion will need the right strategies, product offering & team. Whether opening a new office, building your team or adding new partners, you will need expert advice on tax, key hiring, local regulations and much more. We offer access to the networks and opportunities that progress your plans.

Access Expert Services

Strategy Development

Go to market, marketing; business development or specialist plans - we'll work with you to plan, position, develop and execute your most important expansion plans to secure your place in the Fintech ecosystem in the UK and beyond.

World Class Talent Acquisition

Work with us to access the best local talent in the market. We've helped dozens of new entrants to find their new CXO, Senior VP or other critical team members with the right vision, experience and cultural fit.

Long Term Partnerships

Partnering with the right company can transform opportunities for new entrants. Our network and existing relationships with established players puts us in a unique position to broker your new game-changing partnership.

Expert Advisory Services

Radi8's network of experts means you'll never be far from the specialist advice you'll need to successfully navigate the legal, tax, regulatory and funding decisions you will encounter on your expansion journey.

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Expert Advice

Radi8 sits at the heart of London’s tech ecosystem. Hear some of the important advice we shared for new market entrants at London Tech Week.